Judoka Ilias Iliadis was placed third and won a bronze at 90 kg. He was also in the top three of Athens 2004 Olympic Games.

In lightweight double sculls Alexandra Tsiavou and Christina Giazitzidou were also placed third with a bronze medal in their category. Congrats to all!


The last movie of the Dollars trilogy is a bit different then the previous ones. First of all, the title doesn't mention anything about dollars (I'm sure you didn't need to read this page to figure this one out). 
Yet it is still considered part of the series due to the appearance of Clint Eastwood, and the similarity of story (all three concern the acquisition of large amounts of gold by The Man With No Name playing two sides against each other). 

Secondly, the budget is considerably larger, and therefore, for the first time, there are huge sets with many people in them.
This movie is the most famous of all of Leone's work, largely because of the incredible Ennio Morricone score featuring the modulated screaming in the main theme that is the most instantly recognizable western theme of all time. There are only a few pieces of film scores that have risen beyond the films they are associated with to become part of our culture (the stabbing music in Psycho, for example), and this is one of a very select group. Morricone's theme was the attempt to recreate a hyena's cry, and while most people don't recognize a hyena, the pure energy and aggressiveness of the scream is a powerful motif in the film that Leone uses to good advantage, punctuating scenes with them throughout his film.