...Isn't it a disgrace, hubris and shame to the memories of our grandfathers and grandmothers that were injured, handicapped, imprisoned, tortured, starved to death and ultimately were shot, slaughtered, hung, murdered, gassed to death, used as Guinea pigs for medical experiments, while resisting and fighting, the invasion of the fascists, in the Albanian front, the Battle of Crete, Distomo, Kalavryta and the Salonica Holocaust that the Supreme court in Athens, Greece allowed the Neonazi party “GD” to participate in the Greek national elections on May 6?

Isn't a sheer and foremost violation of the Hellenic Constitution and our inalienable rights as European Union citizens that the Neonazi party, which strongly believes in racism, dictatorship and opposes the democratic political ethos and the reforms associated with it in most countries of the EU, and the Western world, is claiming 21 (twenty-one) out of 300 seats in the Parliament and is gonna get taxpayers subsidies in four years- if the `troubled Greek  « Μemorandum » democracy lasts so far- in the tune of millions of euros for  «office expenses” (owning & operating sleazy hotels in downtown ghettos, running prostitution rings, gun smuggling, beating to death journalists, protecting undocumented immigrant hookers and call girls in massage parlors, and bordels-30 of them where found HIV-positive in a recent crackdown in downtown bordels only) “...PR-related equipment (like knives, battonsticks, pepper spray, handguns, iron fists and other instruments of death).
In most modern European countries like France, and Germany the extreme right-wing parties have abstained from any association, or connection with antisemitism, pro-Nazism and hate groups. But contemporary Greece behaves like a Thirld World country on the brink of bankruptcy. Full of oblivion, hate and despair. The military dictatorship (1967-1974) looks like a science fiction story from another planet. If the teachers in a Finance and Economics school are not efficient and performing below expectations you have to replace them with skilled and talented individuals who can jumpstart (the economy), not with violent, abusive and indicted for “hate crimes” ....child molesters !!!
The time has come for the globe's financial powers like Germany and France to revise and reconsider their austerity policies that imposed more misery, death, and despair than budget cuts and savings. Austerity warmed the egg of the snake, and now we have reached the point of no return. Unfortunately « ...people who forget their History are condemned to repeat it ».