YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE: Artemis Simpoulos-author of THE OMEGA DIET-on Greek Diet (part one)

Artemis P. Simopoulos, author of the Omega Diet describes the advantages of the Greek diet for your health. This is part one. Please also watch part two.
Artemis P. Simopoulos, M.D. is the Founder and President of the Center for Genetics, Nutrition and Health, a nonprofit educational organization in Washington, D.C. since 1990. A graduate of Barnard College, Columbia University, with a major in Chemistry, and a graduate of the Boston University School of Medicine, she is a pediatrician and endocrinologist whose research at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) was on the nutritional aspects of genetic and endocrine disorders; evolutionary aspects of diet and fatty acids; and the importance of a balanced ratio of omega-6/omega-3 fatty acids in health and disease and in growth and development.