The film, featuring tracks by electronic music superstar Moby, focuses on the murder in cold blood of 15 year-old student Alexandros Gregoropoulos by two policemen on December 6, 2008. The incident sparked riots in over 70 cities worldwide.
In the clip MURDER 101 actresses Vivian Ioannou and Maria Floratou and are resolving some differences from the not the so distant past.
In the clip Marina/DJ Lightdust (Lucy Lemos) and Michael (Michael Angels) are pondering their next move together.
The film follows, in parallel action while the gruesome reality of December riots unfolding, seven different characters trapped in a subterranean arthouse cinema during the riots, a bunch of characters that despise and hate each other to death. And are afraid to go out and stay put.
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Filming of “December Riots" wrapped in Athens, while a second wave of riots swept Greece on December 6th 2010, marking the two-year anniversary of the cold-blooded execution of 15 year-old student Alexander Gregoropoulos by two policemen in a downtown Athens café. "December Riots," a film about the Gregoropoulos killing and the 2008 riots that followed, is produced, and directed by Dimitri Vorris. The filmmaker acquired exclusive access to many never-before-seen court documents and evidence from the trial that followed Gregoropoulos’s killing.
Plot Outline
The claustrophobic thriller focuses on a group of Europeans and Americans trapped in an art-house movie theater in downtown Athens during the 2008 riots. 23 year-old British actress Lucy Lemos, prolific actor Abraham Papadopoulos, popular comedian-director Nikos Yannikas anchor a youthful and talented supporting cast that includes Vivian Ioannou, Aris Athan, Nasos Pappas, Michael Angels, Louise Rheas, Aris Papargyropoulos, Maria Floratou, Kostas Antalopoulos.