A new hybrid of cop is breeding in Greece, and the Southeast Mediterranean: Full time Golden Dawn Neo-nazi party supporter, hyperactive executioner, arrogant torturer, part time-amateur photoshopper …. these are the geniuses of the IMF-sanctioned coalition government, the Inspectors Clouzot of Greek Police. Nasty caricatures of a real police officer paid out of the taxpayers hard-earned euros should and could be.

..After policemen connected to the Neonazi party of Golden Dawn tortured and beaten fifteen peaceful protesters participating in an anti-racist, anti-semitic rally, four youngsters arrested Saturday in a bank robbery going wrong in Northern Greece were handcuffed, and were individually tortured and beaten in separate rooms for many hours by four masked policemen asked to repeat their fist and last name over and over again.
Even from the miserably police-photoshopped released mug-shots the punches, bruises and kicks are obvious....(see photos in the blogpost below). The photos are amateurishly photoshopped by local police in Northern Greece). The local DA refused medical attention and care to the arrested for the last 48 hours.

After many years, thanks to the heroic efforts of a just ONE judge and his team , 49 persons are indicted for the Greek Stock Market Scandal mainly for “white collar” crimes (money laundering, stock manipulation, trading inside information, forging financial statements and documents )...Milions of people lost their fortunes, billions of euros, thanks to the Greek politicians giving the 49 for fifteen years a “carte blanche”.
No photos of these financial terrorists have been released, they never been tortured, or handcuffed, and they are free to go to whatever Banana Republic they wish and re-start a new career in “white collar” crimes.