Greek oligarchs are corrupted to the bone and would certainly make Tony Montana of "SCARFACE" and Don Vitto Corleone, the mafia patriach of "GODAFATHER" , look like old-fashioned 2d Saturday matinee cartoons and ultimately colorless and pale by financial numbers comparison. Before they call it quits they would turn the country that invented democracy, poetry, literature, philosophy, medicine among others, into a bloody mayhem of chaos, dust, ashes, death and pre-planned "intenal" confrontations and conflicts, with the help of Neonazi party "GOLDEN DAWN" financed by Greek shipping magnates. Read the NYT op-ed piece  below by investigative journalist Kostas Vaxevanis...
...DEMOCRACY is like a bicycle: if you don’t keep pedaling, you fall. Unfortunately, the bicycle of Greek democracy has long been broken. After the military junta collapsed in 1974, Greece created only a hybrid, diluted form of democracy. You can vote, belong to a party and protest. In essence, however, a small clique exercises all meaningful political power.
For all that has been said about the Greek crisis, much has been left unsaid. The crisis has become a battleground of interests and ideologies. At stake is the role of the public sector and the welfare state. Yes, in Greece we have a dysfunctional public sector; for the past 40 years the ruling parties handed out government jobs to their supporters, regardless of their qualifications.
But the real problem with the public sector is the tiny elite of business people who live off the Greek state while passing themselves off as “entrepreneurs.” They bribe politicians to get fat government contracts, usually at inflated prices. They also own many of the country’s media outlets, and thus manage to ensure that their actions are clothed in silence. Sometimes they’ll even buy a soccer team in order to drum up popular support and shield their crimes behind popular protection, as the drug lord Pablo Escobar did in Colombia, and as the paramilitary leader Arkan did in Serbia.