...Ι was a young kid when I persuaded a relative of mine who just turned 18 to go together  (I couldn't enter by myself due to an age restriction to the movie theater) to Tony Scott's THE HUNGER, his first feature film,  a dark and glossy, and grossly under-rated film, that still maintained a level of sophistication and intelligence, in a downtown Athens movie theater. (Athens, Greece. Not Athens, Georgia).
 I loved the haunting images of Catherine Deneuve and David Bowie as a couple of vampires frequenting night clubs to find their next after hours...dinner... A lot of time passed by and I found the news of Tony Scott's suicide, jumping over the fence and falling off the bridge, a few days ago, shocking. So a couple of images from THE HUNGER is a more suitable farewell to Tony Scott for me then repeating the tiresome TOP GUN etc. mantra... Sometimes  the world seems full of uneducated used car salesmen posing as entertainment reporters and film critics.


Clicking aimlessly through the internet trying to figure out where you can see The Pirates of Blood River or The Satanic Rites of Dracula? Of course you are. What else would you be doing? Fortunately for all of us, an answer has been found in the form of a Hammer Films YouTube channel.
The studio responsible for strapping vampire teeth to Christopher Lee in the 70s has had a vibrant resurgence, reforming after a three-decade break to produce films like Let Me In and The Woman In Black. Their success has opened the door for more horror and sci-fi, but it’s also encouraging to see them focus on some of their earlier cult hits. According to their press release, they’re making restored versions of The Quatermass Xperiment (1955), Man in Black (1949) and Captain Kronos – Vampire Hunter (1974) available with designs on more in the future. They have a massive catalogue to choose from, so hopefully we’ll see their very best publicly available on the video sharing site.
In addition to the older gems, they’ll be using the channel to promote upcoming projects like The Quiet Ones – a story about a physics professor getting a team together to make a poltergeist. The channel will act both as a home for streaming movies and for advertising material like trailers and interviews. It’ll probably act as a hypnotizing agent for some sort of diabolical plan to make a planet full of B-movie zombies. Can’t wait!