PROTO THEMA is the leading Sunday newspaper in Greece when it comes to sales. 30%, or more, of PROTO THEMA newspaper and news portal www.protothema.gr are owned by GreekJewish billionaire shipowner and media investor Victor Restis. Among other interests Restis controls, owns, and/or manages 200 cargo ships. He also has acquired a licence from VIACOM NETWORKS and operates MTV GREECE.
PROTO THEMA is also the biggest promoter of the Greek Neonazi party Golden Dawn. In countless incidents, the last two months, through journalist Dimitrios Markopoulos and co-founder, co-publisher Themos Anastasiades's opinions, interviews, blogging and articles, (Anastasiadis is indicted, along with PROTO THEMA fellow journalist Giannis Makrygiannis, with two felony counts of extortion, and accessory to extortion, for a political sex tape scandal; their trial continues on June 26th, 2012) PROTO THEMA has been building up, or, better, «puffing-up» article-by-article, comment-by-comment, webpage-by-webpage the « ...urban legend» myth of the GD in Greece. They are overhyping the Neonazi party and their leader, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, a former local Secret Service paid informant, 

and co-owner of a controversial sex hotel right right across a sleazy overcrowded downtown street clogged from  heavy traffic, as the “...ubercommando” of  Athens, a geriatric, overweight white supremacist titan, a multi-tasking John Rambo. In reality he is a wreck-of-a-satanist-poet, and a couleur locale throwback to the «...glorious » 1960's of the military dictatorship- who's leading hordes of henchmen, convicted criminals, accused from another Holocaust denier Kostas Pleuris for mountains of shady deals bankrolling his party, to « ...clean-up » Greece by back-stabbing, and punching journalists, or beating their very death political opponents and immigrants. 
In his late-night TV show on Ant-1 TV  OLA”, another media fortress of Nazi sympathizers, controlled by another tax-free shipowner Minoas Kyriakou, Themos Anastasiades recently interviewed, and promoted, an MP of the Neonazi party.

After the worldwide known incident, where Elias Kasidiaris (indicted on four felony counts for accessory to attempted robbery, illegal use of gun, identity theft etc.-his trial has been postponed for early September 2012), the spokesperson of « Golden Dawn » slapped one female MP and threw a plastic cup of water to another -a publicity stunt, again on Ant1 TV, ultimately designed , or “...with much naivete provoked” to gather more votes for the Neonazi, GD put a permanent embargo on the Greek media and refused to be questioned, or interviewed. But, hey, guess what ? The embargo was short-lived. They forgot their avid supporters, the owners of PROTO THEMA, and today at 15:00 local time (6 am PST, 9 am EST) a videotaped interview aired via the newspaper's portal. (How exciting, boys and girls!)

At TC 07:10 approx. you can watch Babis Koutras, editor-in-chief of PROTO THEMA, calling «...aggressive activist tactic» the beating and abuse of fellow journalists from JERUSALEM POST and SKAI TV and countless immigrants. (You can see some photo of journalists that underwent the Greek Neonazi treatment of “cleansing” below).
(Please see below some photos of journalists that underwent the Greek Neonazi treatment of “cleansing”).

In the « interview » no difficult, hard, or even tough questions about Hitler, Holocaust or WWII German reparations to Greece, or the Siemens scandal are asked. This is no journalism. This is populist propaganda.

...Why they are pushing so hard for the Neonazi  you may ask? Are they making money out of it ? What's in it for them ? GD MP's can't utter a word, or complete a sentence, without threatening, or harassing and abusing people, how they are going to run complicated negotiations for a country on the verge of a financial and moral breakdown ?
They are desperate for the Neonazi party not losing the 21 parliamentary seats it claimed in the first round of the elections on May 6, is the answer. Polls before the slapping incident showed that the Neonazi party was losing 180-200.000, a staggering -48%, of its 436.000 registered voters. Twenty-one parliamentary seats are critical enough to push the country in certain « directions », and passing from the Parliament certain laws and memorandums ultimately getting the majority of votes needed. The fight is the fight for the oil and natural gas resources of Greece. Greece-neither Portugal, nor Iceland- is not so poor like the international speculators and Shylocks of this globe, with much success, made you think. There are still lots of money, trillions of euros, to be made out of the carcass of the nation and the civilization that are respectively considered the birthplace and the cornerstone of the Western culture.

...Six million European Jews, the heroes and the martyrs of Shoah (Holocaust), were deprived of their human rights and their dignity, tortured, humiliated, murdered, abused, gassed down, and, ultimately, performed the ultimate sacrifice, so future generations, and highly intelligent people like Victor Restis, could stay free and have the right, and the freedom, to create, found, operate, expand, and grow businesses around the globe and eventually become very, very successful. But forgetting who you are, your roots, your ancestors, and the 87.000 GreekJews who perished during the Salonica Holocaust, while financing with millions of euros a newspaper company situated right next door to MTV GREECE, run by an indicted felon, a fascist sympathesizer, and Neonazi party promoter, has more to do with an exercise in sadomasochism and “50 Shades Of Fascism”, and your seclusion in the sphere of psychopathology, than with business acumen. And being busy abroad (perhaps in Paris, where the headquarters of the Restis empire really are), remaining clueless that the newspaper and its web portal you're financing are shamelessly promoting a Holocaust-denial gang of terrorists and convicted felons is a very lame excuse indeed. Unless you are selling yourself ...short !



(...) Then she said something I never forgot: "Issur,"--that was my name then--"even a beggar must give to another beggar who needs it more than he does." 
I was an American movie star whose pictures were seen all around the world. This gave me the opportunity to do something for my country that most Americans couldn't do. So I became an Ambassador of Goodwill for the State Department and traveled to 40 countries talking about America. I wasn't viewed as a Democrat or a Republican. They only saw me as an American. By the way, I paid all my own expenses--I didn't want anyone to say that Kirk Douglas traveled abroad on the taxpayers' dime. 
But you do not need to be a movie star to stand up for basic human freedom. The fight against oppression and tyranny depicted in Spartacus is still going on all over the globe from Syria to Egypt to Iran. Even the Russians are once again facing the threat of a popular uprising. 
I believe much of the divisiveness in the world is caused by religious fanaticism, even in the time of Spartacus when they worshipped many Gods. Man was not placed on earth to tell God how great He is. He doesn't need our help. As you study history, you find that millions of people have been killed because of religious divisions based on false orthodoxy not genuine spirituality. 
After 95 years on this planet, I have come to the conclusion that the human spirit can never be crushed, no matter how cruel the oppressor or fanatic the belief. If we remember that simple truth--and act on it every day in small ways and sometimes in large movements--then freedom will ultimately win. 
And then we are all Spartacus.