...A blind legal activist who fled house arrest in his Chinese village is under the protection of American officials, overseas activists said Saturday, putting the U.S. in a difficult position days ahead of a visit by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Chen Guangcheng, who has exposed forced abortions and sterilizations in villages as a result of China's one-child policy, escaped a week ago from his guarded home in Shandong province in eastern China. Chinese-based activists say he was driven away by supporters and then handed over to others who brought him to Beijing.


...I have read many articles on H.R. 3606 recently signed  into law by President Barack Obama. And a lot of people crying foul, corruption etc. Most commentators feel, or fear, or predict, that H.R 3606 (that has many articles, provisions, paragraphs, and amendments to protect the investors), including Reopening American Capital Markets to Emerging, Access to Capital for Job Creators, Crowdfunding, Small Company Capital Formation, Private Company Flexibility and Growth, Capital  is going to let fraudsters, and Wall Street, run amoc, and have a huge payday and bonuses at the expense of the savings and resources of the average American investor.( Yes, Virginia, the Giant Squid was praying and begging for H.R. 3606). In the cases of the GROUPON ipo I have noticed much less blogposts and tweets and tears and web activity. GROUPON has been accused of ”aggressive” accounting practices that misrepresented its financial position to investors of the initial public offering. GROUPON's stock price the last 52 weeks dived from $ 31.14  to  $ 11.02 !!!!! *almost -290%!!!! It's current market value on Friday April 27, 2012 was $ 7,549,075,925. It used to be close to 20,000,000,000 USD. Guess who's missing the 13,000,000,000 USD ?
...Small businesses need capital to expand. Instead of going the angel investor way start-ups can now look for financing up to 1M USD through an intermediary and make the offering public, straight to the investors, through the web. Let's say that H.R. 3606 is abused and out of 1.000 investment offers an outrageous, unthinkable 50% are scams run by fraudsters (1.000 X 50% X 1.000.000=500.000.000 USD). If that pure science fiction ratio (fraudsters 50% to legit 50%) materializes the money that the investors stand to lose are peanuts compared to the devaluation of the stock of GROUPON. But the rest of the legit start-ups are going to create more jobs than before unlike much-hyped ...”castles in the sand”. America needs more innovators with access to capital, more job creators not people losing their homes and standing in the unemployment line.
In a few months time, I sincerely hope that lots of people are going to wish that H.R. 3606 became a reality the first year of the Obama administration.