In these shocking photos,  by world-renowned  photojournalist Giannis Bechrakis, an Egyptian immigrant shows the marks of torture on his body by his Greek boss. After being robbed from his boss from his money, the baker employee, an illegal immigrant, was beaten for many hours by three men, and he was chained bleeding and unconscious, ultimately left to die. He was found  and  rushed to hospital from local citizens. A photo that reminds to all of us the inhumanity of slavery.

(...) Please go on mobilizing for the march, since every individual who will be there will count and will help send the message that the whole Greek society is mobilized, along with the rest of the European civil society, to fight for democracy and against racism, antisemitism and neo-Nazism. A movement is being born thanks to us, let's make it as strong as possible !

Please spread the word and ask all your contacts, through email or through Facebook, the website, mailing list, Twitter account or Facebook tools of your organization, to register to the "Facebook event" which we have just created : http://www.facebook.com/events/310663732371602/.
You will find there the breaking news about our mobilization, the links to the publication or video related to it, posters and leaflets that you can use to mobilize,...

Your can still read the Call, which you will find in Greek, English and French following this email, published in To Vima, in To Pontiki, in Kathimeriniin Ethnos, in Ta Nea (here and here), ans you can read numerous articles, listen to numerous radio reports and watch numerous video reports in the Greek as well as in the international media about the protest, racism and the fight for democracy in Greece. We are indeed going on with our exceptionnal and accurate media covering.
This is exceptionnal, and this must provide our coalition, made of representatives of every sector of the society, strenghth and motivation.
The march will be a unique mobilization, with a beautiful European solidarity at its heart and with the important objective to show the whole society, especially Golden Dawn, that democrats are united all over the continent and determined to defend democracy.

Now is the time for mobilization. Every individual is important, and the mobilization depends on your shoulders. This success will be ours since we will have gotten mobilized together and succeeded together.
We have only one week left before Saturday, the 15th. The timing is short, and your involvement is all the more crucial. Let's move forward !

Benjamin Abtan
President of the European Grassroots Antiracist Movement - EGAM