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July 20, 2012 will mark the 38th anniversary of the Turkish Invasion. After 38 years, one third of Cyprus is still occupied. This month, despite Turkish threats, Cyprus took over the EU Presidency. Yet, developments have been alarming; with Turkeynot only interfering with the sovereign rights of the Cypriot Republic but it is also threatening US-business interests in the area. It is also in violation of Article 49 of the Geneva Convention by forcibly colonizing the occupied part of the island with population from inner Turkey at the expense of the local Turkish Cypriot residents.
June 5, 2012 upon the urging of Cypriot-American and Greek-American organizations nationwide, US Representatives Bilirakis of Florida and Engel of New York introduced House Resolution 676 and Senators Menendez & Snowe introduced Senate Resolution 47 condemning Turkish policies of threatening Cyprus in its effort to develop its natural resources and criticizing it for its policy of forced population transfers into occupied Cyprus from Turkey's inland.

Kormakitis (photo below)  is a small village in northwest Cyprus. In 1974 Kormakitis was bombed by the Turkish Army.The Population of the Village was 100% Maronites (successors of the ancient Lusignan Dynasty from western France).The School was abandoned in1974.

Today, we urge you to support these two resolutions currently in Congress that are calling for the reunification of Cyprus and remind the US Elected officials that WE DO NOT FORGET...

Abandoned cars from the 1970s at a garage in Famagusta...

Hotel Salaminia in Famagusta. A once-thriving tourist attraction, 
since the 1974 Turkish invasion the city has been fenced off by the 
Turkish military - its infrastructure in decay...