Greek voters are true psychopaths with low-self esteem. They think that if there's an accident on the highway, a car crashing on the extreme left lane with 200 m.p.h., there must be another car on the extreme right (read neonazi) lane also crashing with 200 m.p.h.  to match the first car. For many decades now the so called ..."Communist" party wants to throw back the country to the Dark Ages of Soviet Union (nowadays Russia) communism. So they want to transform Greece to Cuba, or North Korea! Even Russia has transformed itself into a capitalistic oligarchy. Greek "Communist" party members kids go to exclusive private schools, their fathers and mothers are mostly public employees (read big, fat, lazy cats making lots of mola, thousands of euros, from taxpayers).   During daytime are accusing the US for all the faults  and wrongs of this world. From asphalt on the Greek highways to the bank interest rates, from high temperatures in the summer to the autumn floods. When night falls they are meeting ambassadors from US, UK, Germany and are asking for favors, favors, favors...  The Greek "communist" party's role  is to distract from the money that Communist party supporters like Germanos, Bobolas,  are making on the backs of the poor Greek people and blame Pax Americana for anzthing and everything. The trick worked for more than 60 years. But even one bunch of morons is not enough for Greeks. They need the opposite team to wreak havoc on my home country. Guess what? The opposite party is the Neonazi party of "Golden Dawn". So get  prepared for more episodes of slapping, cursing, punching, spitting, cursing and blaming everybody else on the face of the planet, any living and breathing organism, except themselves. Enough said!
 I found it rather disgusting and insulting when you have 2.000 suicides the last two years, to have 40%  of the voters on Sunday June 17th go swimming and not voting at all ,especially when pension benefits and minimum wages are slashed down to Bulgaria and Romania levels and the whole country is impoverished. Now from June 18th on their arses are going to be on fire. But they don't really care!