The Vice President of the self-called socialist government of Greece owns 57 houses and apartments. Again 57!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO. He's no Tyler Perry. He ain't no Spielberg. He "inherited" them.Guess how? He never worked other job in his life than being a politico.
The other VP of the government, and Minister of Financing, and the Economy, in general has 3 MILLION EUROS (4.2 MILLION DOLLARS) in his personal savings account, presumably for shopping groceries and chinese take out. He never worked in his life. He claims that the money belong to his wife, who's from a rich Thessaloniki family, in Northern Greece.
Do you buy their crap? Personally, I don't.

"Padrone, our austerity measures in Greece failed".
"Ask Lovero to put a contract on the taxpayers and announce 
to our protegees a contribution to the special fund".