...We are moving ahead with the production of thriller/drama feature film "NA4U" starring the very talented and ultra-elegant AmericanBritish actress Hannah Rose Fierman ("THE LEGEND OF ZELDA") in the leading role of Julia X, Jeff Fahey ("LOST", "GRINDHOUSE") one of the nicest guys in show biz and a beloved friend, athletic and handsome Kostas Sommer ("THE BOSTON STRANGLER") who plays Ian, and many other talented up-and-coming actors like Johnny Pik, Hercules Nikolopoulos etc.
The premiere of the film is also (going to be) a big day for Atlanta, Georgia since Hannah is also a "southern belle"(raised in the suburbs of Atlanta) and a paintress that had travelled around the world. Her drawings remind us of the unique cosmos of Timothy Burton. In her most recent exhibition in NYC's "KLATCH KAFE" all her paintings were sold out. (Curiously enough, or darkly enough, most of her paintings were bought by Federal Reserve Board employees in Wall Street).
The film is based on an original story written by Michael Kokkinaris and Dimitri Vorris.
"NA4U" starts filming in early June in Long Island, NYC, and Athens.
More details to follow.
"NA4U" will be ready for delivery long before Toronto film festival.
You'll find more daily updates on the film's shooting and the diary of the writer-director here.