The race was unbelievable. Phelps lost the race for all but a centimeter of the pool. Cavic was killing Phelps' dream - and as I watched - I was typing to a friend, PHELPS LOST and right as I went to hit ENTER - he won. In a keystroke he changed his fate. The visual looked like Cavic was 4 inches from winning - and Phelps was a foot and a half away - and he made the difference. He won by 1 one hundredths of a second. The narrowest possible margin of victory. And it doesn't make visual sense.
I don't care how many times NBC replays it, it seems Cavic won. Phelps' touch is obscured by SPLASH - and they say he won by a fingernail and folks... Folks - it's unfuckingbelievable.
The whole race made me believe the dream was just a dream, but the race was reality and the reality was... PHELPS DID IT! It's like he just doesn't know how to lose - it was unreal. Absolutely unreal. I can't believe it actually happened. WOW.
What'd you folks think?
Way to go PHELPS! Very Cool. And there's not a chance in hell that I'll miss the relay tomorrow! If I was UNIVERSAL - I'd sign Phelps to play Sub-Mariner and give him 3 years of the best acting classes available to become the character. He is a man from Atlantis.