Our film SOCRATES is 110 minutes long without the end titles. It's wide screen, 2K, resolution, the first ever feature length animated film to come out from Greece. It's an international co-production, with an English script. Has superb music tracks and lots of sound FX. Hope you'll enjoy it. It took four years out of my life. Eight years since my first short-length feature "ANCIENT GREEK'S SYMPOSIUM" came out in the theaters. My third short-length animated feature was distributed by VILLAGE ROADSHOW, along with domestic blockbuster "A TOUCH OF SPICE". Over 1.650.000 admissions and a record-breaking 60 prints. A collector's DVD was distributed by AUDIOVISUAL, which distibutes Disney, Touchstone, Buena Vista, Sony. It outsold the summer of 2004 many bigger budget foreign and local productions...During the Olympic Games of 2004 I started writing the script of SOCRATES, aiming to do an upbeat, positive thinking film. People who read the script find it hilarious and funny. In another post I"ll take the opportunity to thank the people who believed in me and supported my vision during the "cultural Middle Ages" we are still suffering in Hellas, the country that once was the cornerstone of the Western civilization...

You Tube Sample

You can see a sample, albeit very compressed, in You Tube. This is not the final cut.


Merry Christmas to you all.
Hopefully 2008 will bring animated film SOCRATES: LOST IN OLYMPIA to a multiplex near you.
We are also developing a SOCRATES videogame and a time travelling comedy/adventure hal;f hour animated tv series.


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